Taking Care of a Pregnant Cat

There are some particular issues you want to pay attention to when caring for a pregnant cat. Most significantly, she must be saved within the best well being as doable to make sure the supply of wholesome kittens. If you’re breeding, there are some steps to take earlier than mating. Nevertheless, the vast majority of us with our home cats are often confronted with the truth that she is pregnant, so I recommend following the following pointers as quickly as you may ormekur til kat uden recept.


It is rather necessary that she is freed from worms as these might be handed to the kittens in whereas nonetheless within the womb by way of the bloodstream or by way of the mom’s milk after delivery. Worming might be undertaken between the second and sixth week of the being pregnant and I recommend contacting your vet about this. He’ll have the ability to assess your cat and provides the best treatment vital. Kittens which might be born with a worm load can turn out to be stunted of their development and are usually much less wholesome. After you may have had your pregnant cat wormed, I’d advise ensuring she can’t be reinfected, both from contact with different cats or by way of feeding. It’s also necessary to keep up strict hygiene with regard to the litter tray.

Behavioral Modifications

You’ll discover your pregnant cat’s behavioural adjustments. She’s going to turn out to be quieter and extra affectionate. She might turn out to be extra aggressive with any felines in the home. She may additionally relaxation extra usually. Bear in mind that cats can have morning illness so in case your cat begins vomiting, make sure that there’s loads of dry biscuits and recent water out there.

Food regimen

It is going to be simpler to your pregnant cat should you begin giving it smaller and extra frequent meals. Identical to with people, the kittens are taking on a good quantity of room so your cat will not wish to eat massive meals. I recommend growing the general amount of meals by round a 3rd to keep up your cat’s good well being and the best rising surroundings for the kittens. Attempt to feed her probably the most nutritious meals you may afford. This further expense will repay in protecting your cat and her kittens wholesome.


Train is necessary for the pregnant cat. Enable her to play or run round as regular. She’s going to decelerate within the closing weeks of the being pregnant because the kittens develop. Train will help preserve her muscle tissues toned which can help throughout the delivery, simply because it does for us. Maintain your cat inside throughout the being pregnant as she is liable to choosing up parasites or infections if allowed to roam with different cats.

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